Sloan M-101526-F3EK Flushmate System -Obsolete

  • Model #: M-101526-F3EK
  • Part #: 129684
  • Manufacturer: Sloan Flushmate

This item is no longer available. The following item is a replacement for this item:

Flushmate Systems will not fit into gravity type toilets.

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The Eljer Flushmate M-101526-F3EK is a replacement system for the obsolete pressure-assist flush system in the porcelain manufacturer Eljer 141-7000 tank or the Eljer 150-403 PF/2 Powerflush System.

The system includes:

  • Vessel
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 2-in-1 Wrench
  • Flush Handle (Left Hand)
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Lower Supply Nut
  • Tank Nut
  • Flushmate-to-Tank Gasket
  • Tank-to-Bowl Gasket
  • Handle Nut
  • Rod Kit

Flushmate vessels and components do not retrofit into gravity type toilets. They are only used with Flushmate-equipped toilets.

Manufacturer Info

Sloan FLUSHMATE® pressure-assist technology offers the only true high-performance, low consumption alternative to meet consumer expectations. This is why every leading toilet manufacturer offers a toilet with Sloan FLUSHMATE® inside. It's also why you'll find FLUSHMATE® inside low consumption toilets in virtually every market, from hotels to schools to commercial buildings and in your home.
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Additional Information

List Description
  • Fits porcelain manufacturer Eljer 141-7000 tanks ONLY
  • Replaces Eljer 150-403 PF/2 Powerflush System
  • For left hand flush
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Sloan Flushmate

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How to Test and Replace a Flushmate System

Sloan M-101526-F3EK Flushmate System -Obsolete

  • From Dwight at 1/29/14 5:36 PM
    • Q: How to tell a right hand or left hand, Is that standing looking at it or sating on it. I have an Eljer the flush handle is on the right if you are standing looking at it, so is that a right or left hand, thanks Dwight Atkins
    • A: You would determine left or right by standing in front of it looking at it
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