** Flushmate systems not for gravity fed toilets

Sloan Flushmate Toilet Repair Parts (for "F3B" Serial Number)

Sloan Flushmate F3B Series Pressure Tank Systems are found in many different toilet models from various porcelain toilet brands. The original "Round" F3B Series Systems have been discontinued and replaced with the new upgraded "Rectangular" Flushmate systems.

Repairing a Flushmate Toilet is a simple project that requires only some basic hand tools and a little mechanical know-how.  Why waste your money on an expensive plumber when you can fix your toilet yourself!  At first glance these systems can seem intimidating but don't be scared, it is actually very easy to work on Flushmate toilets.

When you experience problems with your Flushmate toilet it is generally best to simply swap out the old Flushmate system with a new replacement system. Your NEW Flushmate system will carry a 10-Year Warranty and include everything you need, including new gaskets and mounting hardware, to easily get your toilet back working like new again.

Replacement System Installation Guide

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