Sloan Flushmate C-100500-K Flush Cartridge Kit

Sloan Flushmate C-100500-K Flush Cartridge Kit icon_image_enlarge.png
  • Model #: C-100500-K
  • Part #: 107428
  • Manufacturer: Sloan Flushmate

The Sloan Flushmate C-100500-K Flush Valve Cartridge is the most commonly replaced part in a Flushmate system. This product includes the flush valve cartridge, duckbill, and lower supply screen and is used on all Sloan Flushmate series EXCEPT the 200 series.


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Sloan Flushmate

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See our video section for details on troubleshooting this part.

The Flushmate ST100500 Cartridge Wrench (#129647) or Flushmate ST100100 2-in-1 Wrench (#129646) are not required, but it makes removal and replacement of the Flushmate cartridge easier.

How the cartridge works: When you press the flush handle on the toilet, the linkage rod depresses the cartridge. When the cartridge is depressed, it starts the flush cycle by letting the pressurized water out of the vessel and into the toilet bowl.

Manufacturer Info

Sloan FLUSHMATE® pressure-assist technology offers the only true high-performance, low consumption alternative to meet consumer expectations. This is why every leading toilet manufacturer offers a toilet with Sloan FLUSHMATE® inside. It's also why you'll find FLUSHMATE® inside low consumption toilets in virtually every market, from hotels to schools to commercial buildings and in your home.
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How to Test and Replace a Flushmate Cartridge

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